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  1. New Reader?

    Ziggwies is a family webcomic which revolves around the lives of a bunch of kids who loves to embark on "crazy" adventures whether in reality or imagination.

  2. How often does Ziggwies update?

    Every Monday and Friday.

  3. How can I follow your comic?

    There are two ways you can follow us:

  4. Who are the creators of Ziggwies?

    Michael Chen and Peter Chen.

  5. Where are you from?

    New Zealand

  6. Is this a full-time job or a hobby?

    Ziggwies is a hobby that we do during our spare time.

  7. What software do you use for creating the comics?

    Mainly Photoshop, however we sometimes use Fireworks/Flash for the animated ones like
    "Black Hole" and "Where's Sam?"

  8. Why didn't you reply to my questions?

    We'll try our best to answer all questions from the contact form. Please remember to provide an email.

  9. I have problem accessing the site.

    Sometimes our hosting provider needs to maintain/upgrade the servers. During those times the site may be down for a few hours.

  10. I have problems viewing the site via my browser.

    The website has been test on Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer 7, and Google Chrome 11. If you have any problems with your browser, please let us know via the contact form and we''ll do our best to resolve it. Please mention the type of browser and operating system you are using.

For any other questions or problems please send them through using the contact form.